Her heart was flapping

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At the park where was able to glance at the sea, there were people taking photographs.
A woman became a model, a few photographers released shutters.They had committed their time to take photos by changing gadgets, places, and poses.
When the light got reddish and soft after the sun lowered,they began to take photos of her appearance standing towards windward.She directed to the sun straightly as if staring it, her skirt which was blown by winds fluttered.
After photographers released shutter several times, they lowered cameras and checked photos they took at the time.Although she glanced at their jobs for a while, that seemed to make her boredom.Started maneuvering her arms like flapping.A strong wind pulled a sleeve of her clothing backward.Extended sleeves and the posture of spreading arms wide looked like a bird
That might show her heart.
She dressed up beautifully and was illuminated red by the light of the sunset under the serene sky.Furthermore, that appearance was being taken by well skilled photographers.It must have been enough to let her feel she was beautiful.
By the glad she felt, her heart might have flapped.

The sun fell more and became like an orange colored ball.Photographers were releasing shutter from backside of her.
Beautiful photographs woud be taken.

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