A portrait of a working woman

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At a shopping mall in a holiday, many people was walking.A person who already bought something at a shop and a person who didn’t do it yet went to shops they wanted to visit.
Walking along the mall while seeing shops, I came to a front of the store that started a limited time discount.A woman holding a board written about the discount stood at the store, called out to pedestrians passing by her store.
I was interested in her appearance than the discount.Isn’t that the portrait of working girl?But, that was nothing more than one of jobs she had.
Even when we don’t see, she line up goods, clean up the store, and do other jobs.Scenes of people dedicating to a work are wonderful.It may be because those are scenes of not only earning money, but exerting their ability through a job they chosen.Her appearance calling out the discount sale to visitors was the scene of a woman performing abilities as a personnel of a store.
I passed by her.Although leaving there without coming into the shop made me conscience-smitten a little, her voice from my backside relieved it.
Because there must be guests who would come in her shop.
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