A girl looking at the phone while walking

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Many folks came to the shopping district.Each people were walking to the place where they wanted to go while looking at stores along the street or seeing forward.In that circumstance, if there is a person looking at downward, he or she must be using a phone.
A girl who had a phone was getting closer to me from the foreside.Hanging long black hair from the shoulder, she walked with quick steps.Her another hand held a drink cup.
What a reckless behavior of walking while looking at her phone and simultaneously drinking juice!There were no sign of her looking around.Keeping her eye on the phone, the girl was walking straightly.I took distance from her slightly to evade the collision.

Some people might say “Walking while using a phone is not dangerous”.They must have never collided with other peoples, have never fallen in a hole, and have never run into a telephone pole.
They are wrong.
It’s only that other walkers evade not to collide to a person using phones.
However I’m not able to deny the reason they use a phone in walking.If you have a time doing nothing when you walk, reading mails or watching videos should be meaningful spending of time.BUT, supposing it makes you stumble, it would be a loss of time or a cause of injury.

She left without raising her head at all.Hey, you! Walking while looking at the phone is danger!

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