Getting closer drinks to cheeks

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There was a square which was planted lawn at the park.
In a holiday, people came to the park to spend pleasnt hours.They committed their time for each various purposes like eating lunch in sitting, playing with children, or taking photos.
The park had a shop of fast food, it served foods and drinks to many guests.
Holding drinks in her both hands and making a pose, a girl was standing on the lawn square.She seemed to have come to there with her friends.They took photos each other in a way that one of girls made a pose and other girls released shutters.She got closer drinks in both hands to cheeks.Her appearance looked very pretty pose.I didn’t know why, but girls know how to show them cute than boys.

For a little moment,she kept smiling while tilting her head.
After the shutter released, she get near to friends and looked at photos on the phone. However, she seemed to decide doing it again.
She got closer hands to cheeks, directed her face to cameras making the best smiling.

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