A girl having a long tail

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At the arcade street in the large town, there were many pedestrians in the holiday.They made two streams of walking bydividing the street by the center of it.
When I walked in the street, girls walking in a group came to my sight.They were talking in a horizontal row.Suddenly a girl at the end of the row directed her head to neighbor girl.She might be surprised to something or had something to say.Bending her upper body slightly, she was directing her face to the friend next to her.Because of swift moving of her head, her long ponytail was pulled backward and raised almost horizontal.
The ponytail curled slightly.Her appearance of moving her body as if making long hair streams in the air looked cute.
Views of women’s hair spreading wide or stretching long have attraction catching eyes.A scene of an illuminated hair moving while changing its shape might make us feel that lights are radiated from a face.Her unintentional moving of the body made the appearance of hair stretched long coincidentally.

The ponytail which flew in the air for just a moment fell down soon.Keeping smile to her friend, she passed near me.Her ponyrtail hanged like a water flow from her behind the head to the shoulder.

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