A girl spreading arms wide

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At a photo spot which was build in a park many people was waiting for their turn of taking photographs at that day.The bright sunlight illuminated around there under the serene sky.A group of girls took the turn.Running to the monument in the spot, they climbed it and made a pose in sitting on the highest place.
A girl opened hands wide, spreaded arms, and smiled.
A motion of spreading arms has an image that something gets out.At that time, she would have felt the emotions like amusing or pleasance.I felt like that her heart was transmitted from the appearance of opening her arms wide.In other words, it might be similar to flowers which emit colors and graceful views by blooming.
Simultaneously, her appearance seemed to have an image of taking in something inward too.She might have been receiving something good in the world by opened her arms.Through the event at that time in this day, did she obtained any good stuff?
A person who aimed the camera to them sent a signal, she lowered arms.
Even then, she showed an atmosphere like a flower.
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