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In the afternoon of a holiday, when you feel thirsty or hungry, many people go to restaurants.The fast food shop neighbor to a square had a line of customer. It repeated that every time a guest went into the shop an another guest went out of it.
A girl was about to get out of the fast food shop after she bought a cup of drink.Keeping the cup of drink vertically to prevent it from spilling out, she passed a large door.Although there was stairway in front of the shop, went down it without paying attention.Her face was directed to the square next to the shop.
Suddenly, the countenance got brighter, she raised her hand .Like responding to it, a girl on the square also raised a hand.She seemed to find a friend who had finished shopping and waited her.
I felt like that the pleasance of having found the friend who waited her and the premonition of spending the time with friends filled her countenance.These must be important to a teenager girl.We could understand it very well from that she made importance of looking for friends than looking at her feet.
After lowered the hand, went down carefully.Without stepping on the bottom of stairs, she rushed to where the friend stood.
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