Gentle curves outline girls

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Girls were going to take a photo at art objects they climbed up respectively.Changing ways of sitting and poses,they spoke to each other.
“How about this pose?”
“You had better reach out”
Like this way.
A girl was looking at the sight in a pose of putting knees and hands on the floor.Soon, she sat on the art object by folding one leg, stretched the other leg.Her upper body was tilted, both arms supported it.
I felt her appearance of sitting was filled with an attraction of female.She didn’t fold and cross legs.The sight of stretching a leg looked that she relaxed without tension.
The female rounded physique also added an attraction to her posture.A gentle curve lasted from the upper body to he end of feet, the view of lowering gradually her body outline looked beautiful.It might be reflected as if a ridge line which decreases its altitude moderately.
I guessed her pose was the way of sitting that only girls are able to do.Boys would never sit in that way.

Girls seemed to decided their pose.Keeping the posture of stretching a leg, she directed herself to the camera like a scene of a movie.

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