An atmosphere of adult woman

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The seashore have been built a wide stairs.There is nothing to block a sight, it’s the place where you can see vast sea and ships running farther offshore.In a holiday, many folks come and spend a time by taking photos or talking.
I saw a couple sitting in line on the top of the stairs.They were talking as looking at the sea.He didn’t change his posture, everytime speaking he directed the face to her.Opposed to him, she seemed to have fun in talking while changing her gestures like putting a hand on the face or touching hair.
For several minutes they were looking at the landscape forward.Suddenly,she moved her legs that was folded in front of her to the side by stretching slightly them.Slanting her upper body leftward, she directed her face to him while touching her hand to the face.A long hair was hanged from her head and was being blown subtly by wind.The appearance of her made me feel of atmosphere of adult woman.
It looked so cool because she made a posture showing hairs and legs long.
Being conscious of her body shape and showing gestures emphasizing it might have made me perceive an appealing of woman.Only adult women should be able to do it.
Shortly, she lowered an arm, tilted upper body forward, and directed the face to her front.Keeping legs stretched towards her side, she was looking at farther sea.
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