Like walking in the air

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The park where had a view of the port had many visitors at the day.
As a port is built at a region which has large population, ships for sightseeing run, sometimes events are held.So, many people come to there in a holiday.They had a pleasant hours by enjoying a event or taking photographs.
At the art object which was built at a part of the park, a girl was about to take a photo of herself.Sitting on the object by placing her hand on it, passing her feet to the next object, she was looking at the camera.
Her folded one leg looked like a mountain.The opposite foot was put on the neighbor object like hooking to it ,the leg extended downward straightly.Her appearance of legs was similar to a moving of walk.I felt her cool as she looked like stopping suddenly while walking in the air.It was similar to moonwalk.
Yes, she might have stepped in the air as if her heart danced.The photograph which took the appearance of her at that time would depict her mind through the view of legs.
After finished to take the photo, she got down the art object.She walked putting feet on the ground again.No dancing step were there.
However, her walk appeared to be light as if dancing.
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