With an armful of sticks

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After autumn has come, temperature gets modest and many sports conventions are held .
clouds of dust drifted everytime feet of runners stomped the soil.In front of goals placed both sides of ground, girls dedicated to the practice by running with a racket.They were players of lacrosse.
At the beside of the field, girls of the the team which finished a match were about to leave there.They were carrying equipments like cooler boxes or bottles.In Addtion to that, many members transported the goal they used for the practice.
From behind them, a girl bringing a bunch of sticks followed.She appeared to get used to handle it, walked without dropping any racket.
I wondered that she played in the match as a member of the team.Because the figure of girls made me guess that carrying of equipments was assigned to lower grade students.However, appearance of her wearing the team uniform had an atmosphere as a player of lacrosse.It’s all right.She must have played actively on the field.
The goal gone away the ground.The girl carrying sticks disappeared too.
At the field, next match was about to start.
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