A girl looking down from the higher place

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I came to the park where I usually visited and stood at the place where I usually looked at the the art object.
Looking at people taking photographs around the art object, you can see folks in characteristic pose.I glanced at the object by expecting such new findings.
A girl sat cross-legged on the top of the art object.Her hands were put on legs.Because of her straightened back, she looked like a monk of buddhist or training of yoga.Keeping her posture, she was smiling at the camera aiming at her from the lower place.
The appearance of looking down from the higher place in stretching her upper body straight appeared that she knew everything in the world and saw the world with gentle eyes.As if Buddha.
Looking up her from the bottom made me feel Iike Son Goku in Journey to the West.Although he wasn’t able to get out of the palm of Buddha, folks looking at her also might have never get out of her attraction.
She moved again and was about to get down from the art object.There was a girl not a monk looking down the world.
She jump down beyond the object, disappeared from my sight.
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