The sight spreading ahead of the fingertip

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As the sun lowered in the west sky, the sunlight turning reddish got to reach to the earth.From a stair with nice view ,the landscape illuminated by sunset light was seeable.A couple was lit by the setting sun in the appearance of sitting on the stair and looking at far places. What were there in the far sky?She pointed by raising her arm high, and he also turned his head to the same direction.Her countenance was simily, so I wondered what was there where her index finger pointed.A funny shaped cloud, a contrail illuminated by setting sun, a higher building, or an unidentified flying object?
It was supposedly a thing making her interested, and she must have thought that he would feel funny about it too.The time when she and he looked at the same thing was exactly the precious moment.Their hearts would be tied up by saying beautiful or funny about the stuff which she pointed with her finger.A sharing of common experience is equivalent to a sharing a part of each other’s life.
Her figure of stretching legs and pointing with the finger was so cute.
Leaning her body to him and raising the arm looked so beautiful because it seemed to show their good relationship.At that time, at that place, they were alive together.
The setting sun was getting red and darker.What attracted their interests would be invisible soon.The appearance of them was the scenery of sharing hearts before the falling of the sun
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