A decisive moment comes

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At the sports ground, the match of lacrosse of women was being played.
The players of the team which caught the ball ran to the one end of the field.It connected team members wearing same colored uniform by passes, and rushed to the goal.Players of both team crowded at the far side of the field from me.At the next moment,they ran towards the near end.This time, players wearing the other colored uniform got closer to the goal of the end near me.Opponent team seemed to take the ball.After the ball moved by quick passes, the unmarked player ran to the goal as she received the ball.
An referee judged a foul and blew a whistle.The offense team was given the free position.In front of the goal, a player was waiting the whistle of the restart as staying loins lowered.
Her eyes behind the goggles contemplated steadily the goal to shoot.At the places several meters from her, defences of the opponent team positioned as if surrounding her.Looking at the position of team mates, the position of defenses, and the posture of goal keeper, she must have been thinking the movement to perform.
As if time was commpresed, one second was felt very long.
Stationary players began to move again by the whistle.
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