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Under the autumn sky that didn’t have any cloud, a match of lacrosse of women was being played on the sports ground.At that time, all players were waiting the restart of the game suspended by foul.The offence side would get a goal, or the defense side would guard.A tension pervaded the ground.
The game restarted by the referee’s whistle.
An attacker began to run straight towards the goal.Defenders positioned at places distanced from the attacker rushed to her to guard from her shoot.They and their sticks blocked the way to the goal like a wall.
Some player of the offence side positioned at the both side of the field to wait a pass, some player ran to the goal to receive the ball.According to such movements, defenders kept marks by running.
Glancing of positions of her team member by moving her head quickly, the attacker turned her running direction to the side of the field.Defenders also changed their positions to block her pass.
At that time , the wall of defence made a gap.A narrow corridor emerged between the attacker and the goal.She turned running direction again and swung her stick down while stepping forwards.
The ball left away her, hurtled to the goal.
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