Leaping catch

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Attractions of games which shoot a ball to a goal would be positionings to break a defense by passworks and speed to pierce a defence line.From opposite viewpoint, the defence control to block a ball of offence side would be the attraction too.In the match of lacrosse of women, both team players ran from the end to the opposite end to chase the ball.
A defender succeeded to catch the ball and developed to the field left side.But midfielders of the opposite team ran to her, it was unforgiven to go forward any more.At the next moment, an unmarked player in the center of the field raised her stick and appealed the her own position.It was much higher than all players.
The awaited player jumped and was about to catch the ball which came through higher than her by holding the stick vertically.
The ball dived into the pocket of her stick.
She directed the face under her and glanced whole of the field.In the meantime,the earth was pulling her down towards the ground.Absorbing the shock of landing by lowering knees, she kicked the soil and pushed her body forward.
While revolving the stick quickly to hold the ball steadily, she evaded midfielders and rushed to the goal.
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