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The match of lacrosse of women was a seesaw game.
When the play stopped by the foul, referee took a time-out.Players of both team was running to the field side.The person who seemed to be director also got closer to players and spoke to them.At the side of them, support member carried cooler boxes and bottles, handed out those to players.When almost them finished having water, the director gave instructions to several players.
At the end of time-out, players of a team formed circle and voiced loud.It was like a ritual before a fight.They scattered to each positions on the field while putting on a goggle and holding a stick.
I got aware of a girl who had a long hair.Supporting with a hand grabbing a stick, she arranged her hair with the opposite hand by pulling it.
Well, all boys, keep this in mind!(off course, including me)
Girls make much of being looked beautiful even if they are going to participate the fight which determines dead or alive.Since that is transmitted from their appearances, we boys are able to to find the beauty in girls.
As all players got to their positions,the referee blew the whistle to restart the game.She began to run according to the movement of ball.Her appearance that hairs were blown backward and swung looked beautiful.
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