Happy halloween!

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At the end of October, jack o ‘lanterns laughing by opening mouth wide appear all around a town.
In the halloween event of the shopping mall , casts disguised with costumes were being taken to photos with guests or were giving confections to children.A lady holding a bag which was designed jack o ‘lantern was there wearing a pointed hat and a blouse with puffed sleeve.Her skirt was dyed with the same color as orange of pumpkin.Since she had blonde hair, her figure had a cuteness as if she came from the world of fairy tale.
After few minutes,casts began to go to the next venue.Walking slowly,they waved hands to folks at the side of the way, astounded girls with an appearance of zombie, and gave confections to children.That sight looked so pleasant.
At the end of building, they was about to get on an escalator to upward. A zombie,a dracula,a pirate,a witch,a ghost of pumpkin,and a princess went up slowly in turn.
When they climbed several meters,the blonde princess directed her face downward and smiled.Waving her hand, she was showing endearing smile to guests.Even after her hand lowered, the figure of her standing straight and seeing downward looked beautiful.
Casts disappeared to the upper floor as if they went back to the fairy tale world.
Happy halloween!
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