A witch of halloween

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In the halloween event, casts who disguised with costumes paraded in the shopping mall.A witch found a girl child and got closer to her.Moving the stick the witch had,she waggled the decoration at the tip of it and let the child smile.
From the backside of me looking at that sight, a voice “it’s a festival in foreign countries” came.
Is it right?
Although being misunderstood, events introduced from foreign countries have permeated in Japan, haven’t them?.
Strangely Christmas has become the event that lovers spend time together.St Valentine day has become the day that a woman gives a chocolate to a man.In addition to that, japanese has “established” White Day to send a present as a return gift to chocolates.Whatever reason is, it’s too customized.
When halloween introduced to Japan is recent two or three years.However, halloween parades have been produced and those has come to be able to gather guests.Soon, Halloween would take root in Japan while being misunderstood that it’s the event everybody enjoy with disguise.After several years passed, it must happen that big halloween events are made, many people enjoy with disguises and children visit houses for confections by saying “trick or treat!”.
I think it is good.Because I would like to see a princess or a witch again.
Leaving the image of big skirt and Henin hat, the witch disappeared beyond the shopping mall.
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