A guide in a labyrinth

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In many cases, a big station which is used as a gateway to a city has been there since long ago.It must have become big by renovation of the station and constructions of new buildingA big station would be felt as a labyrinth to people who came there in first time.Because you have to go through passages which you don’t know where that leads to, even if only for changing a railway.
At the near of ticket gates of the station, an information spot was installed,a woman was at there.She weared a uniform which is similar to clothes of hotel staff, that made show she was the official guide of the station.
Occasionally,from the stream of people coming from a ticket gate, a few people found the information spot and asked her a way.Everytime, she told a way to go with a map. Sometimes, she guided by even using a gesture.
And more, she also answers in English for guests came from foreign countries.
Finding a way to go, many tourists who came from foreign countries left away from her.Some of them took a photograph of her for a record of a tripFor folks came to an another country which uses a different language,a big station would be a mysterious place.
Without any doubt,she is the guide of labyrinth.
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