A girl with bare legs

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People was flowing in a stream of human beings on a concourse of the station.Some were standing for waiting beside a pillar .
A girl got out of the stream and joined to the people waiting at there.Her wearing items were united in dark color.Blouson, bag, and shoes.Despite temperature got lower after autumn had come, her bottoms was a short pants.
Suddenly she raised a leg.
Putting her bag on the leg, she began to fumble in it to look for something.I wondered that her bag was as heavy as she had to support it with a leg.However, the shape of the bag persuaded me.The bag hanged with a shoulder strap was fairly curved by being pulled downward.
Her appearance of raising a leg high made me startled as it looked bold.
I might have understood why clothes for women tend to hide their skin.If clothes expose bare skin widely or show body outline clearly, that would make us feel sexual things.
I guessed that something fascinating might be hidden in her appearance of raising the leg exposing bare skin.
Closing the bag, she lowered the leg and stood with both feet again.The view of her looking at people passing in front of eyes while putting hands in pockets had gotten back to an ordinary girl.
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