A smile lightens a body

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After a rain had gone , people came back to a park. At an art object which was famous spot for memorial photo, a liveliness also got back a little.
But, sunset already was coming at that time. There was few people taking photos as it was a time when the western sky was dyed red.Nobody had to wait a turn for photos,it was repeated that somebody who got ready a camera took a photo by standing beside an art object.
A couple in front of the art object just got on a pedestal of it.They stood at both sides of the object respectively, and directed themselves to the camera.
A girl of the couple raised her arms and was making a pose that tips of hands touched each other above her head.Standing with steady posture that putting feet widely,she made a smile while stretching her mouth wide.
The width between feet was wide, tips of hands were narrow.I felt she was about to fly to the sky from her appearance like an arrow or a rocket.I might be because her countenance was filled with a smile.As if heart had a weight,I felt that bright countenance lightened her body.If her face was dismal, she would never look to fly high.
After a while, she lowered arms, got down from the pedestal.Her footsteps which caught a ground appeared to be light yet.
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