A girl enveloped with a shawl

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It was the day that rain kept falling, a cold wave carried by cold front deprived warmness thoroughlyPeople who weared raincoat, blouson, muffler, and sweater was resisting against coldness which covered the town.
Folks putting on winter clothes was walking on a passage which there were many pedestrians.My eyes caught a girl who hanged a large cloth from her shoulder.She put on a shawl.
Lines made by the cloth that was fell from the shoulder were beautiful.Whatever postures you make, a cloth creates soft and long curves,so it would be look graceful.
Different from clothes having sleeves like a coat or a sweater, a shawl which envelopes and hides a body has a kind of mysterious atmosphere.It might be because stuffs like shawl, stall, and mant made by a large cloth let only outlines seeable.We don’t see a posture of arms and body under them, so we perceive something is hidden by compensate invisible things by imagination.Those include all of things from invisible stuffs like heart to visible stuffs like beauty.She who enveloped with a shawl must be a wonderful girl.
While talking with a friend, she passed beside me.Her rear appearance that the shawl fell from the shoulder and fluttered was beautiful.
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