Like a dog trainer

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At days in autumn, after the sun climbed the sky higher, as the air which is cold in a morning is warmed so you can live comfortably.A young mom who came to a lawn square in a park with her family was playing with her dog.
When she instructed like a dog trainer with hands, the dog reacted swiftly.As she moved the hand roundly the dog ran round, as she touched her slightly folded leg the dog touched it with a paw too.
That dog appeared to like especially playing with frisbee.As she was going to throw it ,the dog ran around her while waiting for the moment the frisbee leaves the hand.
The disc rushed out of her hands by breaking through the air.The dog chased it with dash and hit the nose to the disc when it was thrown back.
Picking up the frisbee, she intended to throw it again.But the dog seemed to be hard to wait, reached out its front paws to take the disc.She was controlling the dog by raising and lowering her both arms.According to the movement of arms, the dog changed paws to touch on the ground.Sometime two paws, sometime four paws.
This would be a communication between a human being and a dog.If you are trusted as a leader of a group, dogs would reply to your instruction.
At a timing when all paws touched to the ground, she launched the frisbee from her hand.Turning the body quickly, the dog ran chasing the trase of the disc.
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