An eagle eye for a victory

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The game of lacrosse of woman moved suddenly when a pass got through to player waiting at the center of the field.An attacker who was a swift of foot rushed to a goal by evading defenders of opponent team.She was besieged by players of opponent team, but the shoot that she launched dived to the goal by slipping through legs of a goal keeper.
After scoring the shoot , players of the offence team were glad while raising arms or hugging each other.A player who shifted an eye guard caught my attention.She was sharing the pleasure of the goal by touching her stick to teammate’s sticks with smile.
When all players began to go back to their position, she also placed the eye guard on her face again and ran to her position.Smiles on her face had gone already, and the mouth took a shape of straight line.
Although a part of her face was hidden by a hand holding the eye guard, an eagle eye stared forward.Even if after scoring a goal, a tension as a player would never be loosen until the game ends up.She would attempt a next scoring to win .Her eyes behind the guard was a symbol of resolve.
All player got to the respective positions.Showing a back, her face wasn’t seeable already.However, she would be waiting that the ball begin to move with an eagle eye.
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