A cheer pushes out players forward

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At one fine autumn day, a game of lacrosse of woman was playing on a sports ground.Players went and back between two goals on the field to chase a ball.
However, only players weren’t people gathered to the ground.Both team members who didn’t participant as player were making loud cheers by ranging in line at the outside of the respective half area of the field.Putting on a team uniform and holding a megaphone, they were making cheers or singing songs.There were many ways of support not only making voices, but also swinging arms and leaping.
What is the force of cheering?
Although just players practically run, pass a ball, and launch shoots, it is sure that a team supported by louder cheers is felt having large momentum.If a team has fair number of rooter and louder cheers, it would be felt that turning a game around is possible when it is inferior, and it would be felt that finishing a game by keeping a lead when it is superior.
Quantity of cheer might symbolize an energy supporting a team.It must be influenced to players considerably.Supposing you have a momentum like a tail wind from back side, you could feel a next play goes well.
Cheers pushes out players forward.
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