Raising an arm for teammates

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In a game of lacrosse of woman, players run, pass a ball by taking advantage of centrifugal force with a long stick ,and launch shoots by trespassing into a front of an opponent team’s goal.There is attraction as sports in each plays.But, even in a time that a game is suspended, you can see a scene which shows a human attraction.
At that time, players scored a goal were going back towards a center line from an area of opponent team.Some were pleased by hitting each sticks, some admired other members by touching on their shoulder.They hurried to each positions for the restart of the game.
One of the players directed her face to teammates standing at the side of the field.After scoring the goal,a cheer also got louder.As if responding to voices,she raised an arm holding a stick.
The arm would have included many meanings.
It was not only a rejoice for scoring the goal, but an appreciation for the cheer being sent to her.
Voices made players go forward, they met such expectations through plays.A cheer changed to an admire, she responded to that with a gesture.It was the moment that a sense of unite which team sports had hope to realize took shape.Ties of heart among team members would get strong by that.
The game must go on.
Leaving behind pleasures of scoring the goal, they got back to worriors again.
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