All begins from here

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In a match of lacrosse, a game starts from a center line at the beginning or after scoring a goal.
As one player from both team come out respectively, they stand on each side at the center line.Two players hold a ball by pressing each stick with back side of it.When a referee blow a whistle, they toss up the ball.
After one team scored a goal, woman players stood at each position and waited a restart of the game.At the center line, lowering loins, two players from respective team were facing each other and pressing an opponent stick.
The face of one player of them was seeable.She was looking at the counterpart player with keen eyes.Whether she takes a tossed ball determines her team would get advantage or not.She must have imagined next play by paying attention to positions of opponent team, a formation of her team and movement of the player in front of her.A mouthpiece was visible from her mouth opened slightly to settle breathes.
All of them were concentrating to take the ball. The team leading the score was for keeping superiority, the inferior team was for catching up.
As if a space without time in a world before the universe started, all players halted any movements.12 players for each team, 24 players for all, two goals, and one ball.These are all stuffs making the universe named lacrosse.Referees are laws,only whistles decide a lapse of time.
All begins from here.
Keeping eyes on the ball,a referee left from them backwards.When the whistle sounded, the universe activated, two sticks flew the ball up to above heads of all players.
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