The world is chance enough

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A referee blew a whistle.A game of lacrosse of woman restarted.
Two players who were pressing a ball with sticks at the centerline moved sticks upward.The ball jumped up high. A moment after, it ceased in the air by losing its speed.Many players came to the place beneath the ball and looked at where it would go. Increasing speed, the ball went towards the ground.
When the ball fell down to the height that they could reach out with sticks, some players jumped.Many sticks stood towards the sky.However, the ball didn’t enter into any sticks, rebounded by a frame of a stick, and dropped down on the place distanced several meters .
It became a chance for a player who waited near that place.She swiftly put forward a leg to support her body, moved her stick under the ball came there.Opposite leg was stretched as long as possible to pursue the movement of the ball.
You don’t know when and from where a chance comes. Like her, only players who trained a body and maintained equipments are able to grab a ball when it came to the front.
The actual world is also driven by the same law.A person who has the utmost preparation by its own efforts would grab something great.Besides, in the real world, not only one, but many balls named chance are flying around us.
Her stick scooped the ball.She ran through the opponent team area where midfielders decreased.
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