A referee drives a game

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Woman referee raising both  arms
Woman referee raising both arms
Women players were running on the field.
It was the autumn afternoon of a fine day.As feet hit the parched ground, footsteps sounded.However, players were not the only existence which was chasing a ball.Different from players who put on colorful uniforms, women wearing a shirt with stripes of black and white ran according to the movement of the ball, and blew a whistle.
A high note sounded at the same time when the ball dived into a goal.A woman referee who was looking at the game raised her both hands.In lacrosse, that gesture means a score.
While one team was pleased by raising hands and the opponent team discouraged, she was showing the judgement by keeping her both arms high.
In all competitions, players are main characters.But, a master of game is A referee.They also run on a field for chasing a ball, look at plays, and judge fouls.It’s needed to exert energy which is not inferior to players, a strict attitude is required for judgements.
Referees drive a game in fair.Her eyes appeared to show that.
A little time after, players began to go back to their positions.Receiving the ball,she also went towards the centerline to restart the game.
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