A friendship with a horse

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woman touching on a neck of a horse
woman touching on a neck of a horse
Some of large park or sports facility happen to have a riding club.At there, a vast area is bounded by fences and is laid with sands to make horses walk easily.
On the horse field,there was a woman who was taking practice of horse riding.She made the horse go round inside the area while walking or running little fast according to instructions of an instructor.The woman who was on the saddle didn’t seem to only sit on the horse.It appeared to impossible to go to the direction she wanted without moving loins according to steps of the horse, handling legs and reins well.
After she practiced for a while, a test to measure her achievement started by a voice which the instructor call out.
On the saddle, she was controlling the horse to walk or run, as if following traces on the sand.When the instructor called the end of the test, the horse proceeded to the center of the field, and stopped.She patted around a neck of the horse to appreciate about having finished the test without any mistakes.
Such her kindness would be needed for horse riding.What walked together was not a mechanical object like a motorcycle but an alive animal.By having a friendship or trusts a horse might meet expectations.
It was unable to see whether the horse felt her kindness.However, it began to walk slowly again.
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