Will an immortal friendship last forever?

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girl taking a photo with a friend
girl taking a photo with a friend
When the time comes to mid autumn, you get to feel cold air in a wind.But, in a day that there is no cloud hiding the sun, it’s warm as if proceeding of seasons stopped.
One fine autumn day, two girls came to a beach.They were enjoying by talking or taking photographs each other at the sea shore.
two girls sat on the sand in line by making the sea their background, placed a smartphone at the foot.
When one of them adjusted the direction of the phone to put the girls into a frame neatly,voiced to the another girl.She sat with straight posture, the another girl leaned the body and got closer the head to her friend.Before the shutter released, both tiltied their heads , got closer faces, and smiled to thelens.They looked shining by a reflection of the sunlight illuminating them.It might be because their appearance symbolizes a friendship in teenager.
Only when you are children, it’s a era you can choose a person spending the same time together.
“Because it’s pleasant to be together.”
“Being interested in same hobby.”
Spending same hours with such pure reasons is possible in only childhood because you can’t choose human relations after became an adult.So, friends in childhood is unforgettable, and friendships are memorized as if they are shining.
Two girls laughed by looking at the screen of the phone taken the photo.This moment would have left an immortal friendship to both mind.
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