Dancing under the gentle light

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dancing girl
dancing girl
After an autumnal equinox day passed an orbit of the sun in the sky gets lower, in the northern hemisphere the sunlight changes from what beat down the earth to what give a gentle light to us.A boiling summer air gone, a comfortable climate which didn’t make feel us both cold and hot covered a ground.
In autumn day when the sun illuminated the earth brightly, two teenage girls were dancing on a lawn square in a park.
It seemed to be an accustomed dance, they were moving their bodies with smooth exercises.
Clapping or revolving hands,they stretched arms upwards at the next moment.Spreading arms leftward and rightward, they crossed arms in front of body.While beating rhythms with legs or kicking the ground ,they made many movements by crossing legs or by turning bodies.
In front of dancing girls, an another girl was directing her smartphone to friends.It appeared to be being shoot video.
A dance isn’t only an exercise, but an expression of mind or emotion by movements of body.The pleasant emotions which she were feeling seemed to appear in her dance which moved arms, legs and body swiftly.
She kept dance under the gentle light which came from the sun.Rhythms beaten by her steps must represent her mind.
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