A woman giving dreams

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Woman making a balloon art
Woman making a balloon art
Big companies happen to hold events to advertise their business.Opening factories or bases for guests,they introduce contents of jobs.Some of those events have many attractions and let guests enjoy like a festival.
Ages of guests coming to such events spread wide from adult to child.
At the venue of one event,many people who took child were in line.At the head of the line, a woman inflated a balloon and began to move her hands.While curving or twisting the balloon without bursting it,she was changing a shape of it.At her feet, a child was looking at her appearance with yearning eyes.She also put her eyes on the child and smiled.
A few minutes later, her hands made an accessory of balloon, the girl who received it brightened her countenance.
What is a good adult?
It’s NOT be a person who earn big money or stand on a higher place.
It might be a person who shows that you can create everything you want with your own hands by taking any effort to children.That would make a dream in a heart of each child.When children grown up,they would heighten their potential towards their own dreams.Children become adult and make a world through that happenings.
Adults are required to be a person who gives dreams.
At this moment, she was giving a dream.
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