Towards a goal

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woman marathon runner
woman marathon runner
At the one day in mid autumn when coldness got strong, a marathon which individuals were able to participant was held. With the sound of a signal gun, several ten thousand runners flew out of the start point and began to run towards the goal.Some ran in fast pace by practices they performed in daily life, some ran in slow pace to arrive the goal.At the side of the course many people were sending cheers to runners.From the far place in right runners emerged , the stream of people lasted to the far place in left. Runners disappeared at there.
My eyes was caught by a woman who was seeable from a gap of runners.She appeared to have much practices, a beautiful running form was pushing forward her smoothly by moving long arms and legs.
What attraction is there in running marathon as a runner?
I don’t know whether running 42.195km or arriving as fast as possible.But when you finished to run a marathon you must be given a special sense of accomplishment by a length of course you have run.
Pulling a glove with her one hand, she put on it neatly while running. Pushing forward her body by moving arms, she gone away towards ahead of the course leading to the goal.
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