Famous characters also run a marathon

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Woman runner running marathon in a character costume
Woman runner running marathon in a character costume
After one hour from the start of marathon, many runners passed the 10km point.Although there was differences, running wears they put on shared similar clothes.Sunglass. sun visor, short pants, leggings, running shirt and shoes.These items carry runners far and fast.
However, in recent marathon, there are many runners who wear a special costume.They put on a costume of a character of the famous game, a famous baseball player, or a food.Even a robot comes by running.It’s funny to see a costume runner, but at the same time that makes me worry if a heavy robot(‘s costume) can arrive to a goal.
Whether this style is acceptable or not would be controversial.Your view would change depending on that you consider marathon as a competition or not.This might mean new style of enjoying marathon by not only running long distance but also entertaining audiences at the course side or receiving cheers.
A girl who put on a costume of character of very famous video game came.Nobody knew her name,but people on the course side called her with game character name,and sent cheers.
Smiling by directing the face to audiences, the girl shaked a hand and went away.
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