A fight with time

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woman looking at a watch in marathon
woman looking at a watch in marathon
At the day when a marathon was held, I was looking at runners by standing at the side of the course.Like a stream of river,they ran through the course to one direction.As if a river will never dry up, a stream of runner didn’t interrupted as long time as we felt it would last forever.Among runners,a woman looking at her watch caught my eyes.She was staring around the wrist.To see easily, a large watch was put on the arm.
For runners, a time is a target, and also a limitation.
A talent of runner is shown by how fast the goal time.Opposingly, if you can’t finish a marathon within a certain time your race could be stopped on a way.In a marathon , time is an only and an absolute index.
To know what pace they have run and to decide they should get faster or get lower their pace ,runners look at a watch.Because split time of 5km or 10km determine a pace in a next section.
They are always fighting.The counterpart of it is time.
She seemed to confirm the time by looking at the watch a few times.A distance up to a goal means also a length of time to need.I didn’t know her running pace was satisfactory or not for her.She swung again her arm wearing the watch and kept running.
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