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woman runner putting on sunglasses
woman runner putting on sunglasses
People challenging to run a full marathon were being illuminated by the sunlight of autumn.At that day, it was sunny but large clouds passed occasionally, an hour when strong light beaten down and an hour when it was slightly dark came in turn.Even under such weather, there were runners wearing sunglasses to resist against the dazzling light.
One hour after the start of the marathon, top runners passed by.That group consisted with only men.A few minutes later, a big group which included also fast women runners appeared on the course.
When strong light came, a woman putting on sunglasses went through.Her eyes looked shining by reflection of the light on the sunglasses.Her running form didn’t swing arms wide although pushing legs forward in certain rhythm.She was running without moving her body up and down so much.
I didn’t know why, but she looked very fast.I guessed it was for the sunglasses.Her eyes were hidden so it was unable to see from her countenance if she was in hard or in easy.Even in painful state, runners wearing sunglasses and running with beautiful form look fast.
The runner group went forward and was passing by me.There were little women runner yet.Her figure ran off to far ahead of the course and disappeared by being hidden with other men runners.
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