Run beyond an oasis

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Woman runner drinking water in marathon
Woman runner drinking water in marathon
At the day when a citizen’s marathon held, men, women, youth, and elderly people who had confidence on their foot were running.Sounds of shoes beating on the pavement lasted for long.
At the side of the course, a supply station was installed.Cups of water were stacked like a mountain on a table.Some runners passing there took a cup.
I have seen a scene that one of runners in a marathon race dropped down by dehydration.It was a happening showing how water is important for human beings.
An ancient greek, the origin of marathon, who ran from Marathon to Athens is said that he passed away after the arriving.The dehydration didn’t seem to be the cause of his death, but it’s certain that running long distance gives risks for us.
Supply stations at a side of course are similar to an oasis in a desert.Although there is water at a supply station, once you get out there, a dried desert spreads. Runners go for a goal by passing through all oases.
It was seeable that a woman of runners passing the supply station came to a table and took a cup.She appeared to moisten her thirst.
Putting the cup into a dustbox after having finished to drink water, she got out of the oasis, and ran to the dried land again.
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