A reminiscence of girl

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Woman like a girl in fomal clothes
Woman like a girl in fomal clothes
When I was walking on a street, folks wearing formal clothes were seeable.Men of them put on suits, women put on a coat and a dress.In a large city, there are many opportunity to see people wearing formal clothes like them.They would attend a bridal party.
My eyes were caught by one woman of them.Her hair was set neatly, she weared a muffler like hiding the face and was retracting a hand into a sleeve.It was a cold day so she did it to resist against coldness.
I felt that there was girlish atmosphere in her appearance.It may be because of that her dress was white and the coat was pale beige.Besides, her gesture which putting on a muffler as if burying her face to prevent heat of body from being dissipated and retracting a hand into a sleeve reminded me that children often withstood the cold by that.
You can’t keep being child, nobody wants to keep being child.A childish stuff which appears in gestures or countenances after you grown make us feel that a kind of innocence is left at somewhere in a mind.That would be transmitted as a cuteness of woman or friendliness of man.
She passed in front of me.Her smile and the gesture withstanding the cold made her look a girl.But, her makeup face had an adult countenance.
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