A delicious cuisine makes you happy

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girl eating a cuisine in standing
girl eating a cuisine in standing
One day, a cuisine event was held in a park.Many booths were made in a square in the park, they were providing distinctive cuisines.Guests who came there chosen foods they liked and were in line in front of each booth. .
Cuisine events can gather many visitors.It’s as many as event organizers can’t prepare enough number of table and bench to let visitors sit down to have foodsSo, after buying a cuisine, everybody dispersed for all directions and ate it in many styles.Some ate a cuisine which was able to hold with one hand while walking, some ate sitting directly on the ground at a place having nice view.
A girl was eating while standing by holding a paper dish at a place distanced from booth area.She put on a long coat, her pose crossing legs looked cool.Despite eating without sitting down, she didn’t seem to mind that.While eating noodles, she was talking with her boyfriend in smile.
I guess eating delicious cuisines has a large force.Flavor you like, senses of biting, and nice scent.When you perceive such stuffs in your mouth, you must be able to have some needful thing to be alive different from nutrition.Therefore, many visitors come to a cuisine event.What they obtain by having delicious foods might be a pleasure of being alive.
She appeared to have finished eating.Both of them left off to throw away paper dishes into a dust box.There were yet many people eating various cuisines around me.
There were nobody who wasn’t in smile.
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