Making friends laugh with a funny gesture

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Smiling girl pointing with a finger
Smiling girl pointing with a finger
At a shopping town where many stores range, fair number of folks come to there in a holiday.In an street where many apparel store stood, I saw teenager girls walking in a friend group.They wore fashionable clothes decently and dressed up with a hat or boots.You could see they are sensitive in fashion at a glance.
One girl of them pointed to a store which they were going to enter with a finger.Making a cool hand sign by stretching a thumb and an index finger,she raised an arm slightly exaggeratedly and was pointing to an apparel store.She walked in talking with friends, so her mouth was showing an smile.
I felt her gesture was cute.It might be because of that it showed her attempt to make her friend laugh.Showing exaggerated movement of an arm deliberately with a hand forming like a gun.They couldn’t help laughing.It made their atmosphere of enjoying the current hour, that made me feel they were cute.Cuteness doesn’t be consisted with only appearance.
Looking at her gesture, other friends made same hand sign and confirmed where they would go to.Smiles were being shared among them.While talking with pleasant voices, they were disappeared into the store.
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