Cultures don’t choose people

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caucasian woman looking back in kimono
caucasian woman looking back in kimono
Shrines in a new year are filled with people.A big crowd are made by folks who pray to god, who buy a fortune slip and who wash hands with water.Guests from a foreign countries were also there, they were enjoying an atmosphere of Japanese new year.
My eyes were caught a couple who came from the other country.
A man of them wore a blouson and jeans, but a woman of them put on a kimono.I surprised that there is a service of helping to wear a kimono.However,her walking had small stride length without moving legs largely.She appeared to get used to a walking with a kimono.She might have come to japan a few times or lived in Japan.
Looking at a smartphone,they were talking.He was going to take a photo at here.
She began to walk while looking back towards him.Standing at he place that several meters distanced from him, she smiled to the smartphone aiming at her by staying her posture stop.
As she was tall, her appearance of standing straightly and putting her gaze on the one place looked beautiful.Cultures don’t choose a person.A figure of all races that wear Japanese style clothes also has a universal beauty.
After finished to take photographs, to take a video of her appearance of walking ,she went on a stone paving towards a red gate.Walking beautifully by making stride length small to prevent from opening hem wide.
The sight that a woman who wore a purple kimono was disappeared into a red gate would be recorded in a video as a beautiful scene.
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