Taking a selfie with a fortune slip

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a woman taking a selfie holding a fortune slip
a woman taking a selfie holding a fortune slip
In new year week, at a big shrine many people made rows to wait for their order of getting into the shrine.From the side of shrine, folks having prayed to a god went out.Their clothes were very general like jeans, blousons, and coats.There were little who put on kimono.However, at Kyoto where has many temples and shrines, we can see many visitors wearing kimono than other cities.
I saw two girls in kimono among peoples coming out from the shrine.Their kimonos were drawn flowers and were dyed with vivid color, it suited to the bright atmosphere of new year.Two girls was walking on a ground of gravels to a booth where sells fortune slips while talking with laughter.
At the side of the booth, girls took up a box to decide a number of fortune slip, shaked it , and turned over it.After one girl of them looked at the stick came out from the box, she moved the direction of the stick to make her friend to be able to see it.The friend was taking a photo of that scene.It looked fun.
They bought fortune slips respectively, walked off the booth while reading it.
For several minutes, the girls kept putting their gaze on fortune slips.Their figures of enjoying had already gone, both were reading without speaking.A fortune slip where you draw at a shrine isn’t just a fortune telling.Learning, love affair, business, and etc.They would read repeatedly items about they were interested in.Meanwhile that, they were walking.After a moment, they seemed to finished to read all and began to talk about messages written in their own fortune slip.Sometimes they showed it each other.
At the shrine prepared a wooden frames put up with strings to tie down fortune slips.Obeying to a custom of old era, they appeared to be about to tie down their fortune slips.
Taking a smartphone out of a bag, one girl of them raised her arm to hold the phone in front of her , got closer her opposite hand having the fortune slip to the face.Standing to the direction that the sunlight illuminated her brightly, she smiled to the lens.I felt something pleasure in her countenance.A lucky thing was written in her slip?Or, a wonderful message was there in the item she wanted to know?Maybe, she must have obtained some kind of hope from the fortune slip.
Finishing taking photos, she folded down her fortune slip narrow and long.After having tied down their slips to the string, they walked off to the pave way of the shrine.
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