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About advertisements in this site
This site takes advantage of advertisement services distributed by third party .These advertisement services may use information or cookie on access to this site or other site to display advertisement of services which is match to the interest of the user.

About access analyze tools this site uses.
This site takes advantage of Google Analytics that is the access analyze tool provided by Google.Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data.Traffic data is collected in anonymous and these are NOT able to specify individuals.This function is able to refuse collection of data by turning off cookies, so reconfirm the setting of your browser.In regard to this contract, see this link ( for detailed explain.

About comments to this site
At this site, IP addresses which are used to write comments are recorded for counter action against spam and sabotage.
That is the supported functions as a part of blog tools,there is no case to use recorded IP addresses except for counter action to spam and sabotage.In regard to mail address and URL, writing it depends on your discretion.
Any comments are probably deleted by decision of the webmaster if following contents are included.

i) Comments slandering individual , group or organization.
ii) Comments denying other’s sense of value or attribute like religion, race, nationality, occupation, gender, political faith, and so on.
iii) Comments including extremely obscene contents.
iv) Comments writing about stuffs or conduct prohibited by laws.
v)Comments which are considered as an infringement of public order and morals.

About informations dscribed in this site, the webmaster manages to keep them to be precise, those could be inexact by passage of time or alternation of circumstances.Therefore, In the case the viewer of this site incur losses by informations in this site, the webmaster is NOT able to take responsibility about that.About precisions of informations described at the ahead of links, the webmaster doesn’t take responsibility.
Texts and images this site provides include personal impressions.

About copyrights
Copyrights of texts and images which are provided in this site belong to the webmaster.
Do not reprint and alter texts and images in this site.


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